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Gordon Brockman’s motives as a freelance Auctioneer and Probate Valuer are principled and clear. Bereaved families are vulnerable to accepting the very first offer for their loved one’s possessions, which is often not necessarily the best one.

It’s the knowledge of the value that is important to Gordon’s customers, which is why people trust him to give a True Value of an item for probate, auction or insurance purposes.

A valuation for insurance determines the value of replacing the item from new if it was lost or stolen. The valuation of an item for auction is determined by the value it would sell for according to the market. When offering a client a pre-sale valuation for auction, Gordon’s job is to get to a level that is achievable for the market.

Gordon charges only for his time in valuing. He does not charge based on the value of an item or items – that way his customers can be sure they get True Value.

In his years of auctioneering and valuations, he has found many valuable items such as a Paul Storr (1770-1844) silver punch cup, which sold for £2,000 and an Art Deco enamelled pocket travel clock with leather case in the form of a suitcase, which sold for £1,400.

“Even today, I never stop learning,” says Gordon. “Having found many valuable items through my work, I continue to search for everyone’s hidden treasure!

Early in 2021, I think I actually found it! Read about the rare silver candlesticks on my Articles page.”