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It is a very difficult time when someone passes away – life can be very challenging and confusing. One of the many things that you will soon discover that you may need to do is to arrange a valuation of the contents of the deceased’s house and all their possessions.

Sadly, in this day and age, not all beneficiaries from an estate receive all that is due to them. “I get so upset when I hear about bereaved families that have had their loved one’s valuables under-valued,” says Gordon. He is passionate about preventing families being ‘ripped off’ and can offer an expert, professional and respectful probate and valuation service to families wanting a True Value for the contents of their loved one’s house and possessions.

Having once sat in the Auctioneer’s Chair when a rare 15th century Roman Catholic Missal went under the hammer for £15,000, which then resulted in all the money going to a house clearance firm, Gordon is now determined to ensure that all monies go to the family where it rightfully belongs.

Gordon charges only for his time in valuing. He does not charge based on the value of an item or items – that way his customers can be sure they get True Value.

If you want professional and understandable advice given in a sympathetic and respectful way, please contact Gordon.